Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will your cake stands support?

Each of our cake stand designs are crafted with the main objective of providing the best stability for the tallest and heaviest cakes in the cake decorating industry. We test each design to make sure that their strength is superior to all others. Each cake stand set is listed below with the maximum we have tested that set to hold.


Cake Stand Design                                               Maximum Weight

Round & Square Diamond Cake Stands                  Over 200 lbs.

Round & Square Cake Pedestals                             Up to 200 lbs.

Clear Cascading Cake Tiers                                      Up to 40 lbs.

Are there any special care instructions for your cake stands?

In regard to the clear cascading cake tiers - they are 100% reusable and should last several years with regular use with a few care instructions. You can submerge all plates and tubes in water to soak away any dried on frosting, etc or you can clean in the dishwasher. To prevent scratches never use any abrasive sponges or brushes, simply soak or wipe with a soft wet cloth to remove any residue. 

* The #1 advice for the Cascading Cake Tiers - Always decorate cakes on a cake board and place on the pre-assembled cake stand. Never place the stands in the refrigerator or freezer as this can make plastic brittle and easier to break. You should never try to decorate a cake directly on the plastic plate and then try to place on the center tube. Pressure on the outside of the plates can cause the plate to break - especially if it has been placed in a cold environment. 

Diamond Cake Stands, Pedestals and all other Cake Plateaus should be cleaned with a damp cloth only - do not submerge in water or clean in the dishwasher. Hand Wash Only! A cake board should always be used under the cake to protect the finish and to prevent knife marks when cutting the cake.